Pandya Store Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, and Latest News

Pandya Store Realse Date:  

With its captivating storyline and compelling plot twists, the television series Pandya Store on Star Plus has managed to capture the affection of its viewers. Realsed Date 25th January 2021 The relatability of each character has resonated deeply with the show’s fans.  

Pandya Store Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Leading Role:

  Star Plus is back with another re-created serial named “Pandya Store” which is produced by “Sunjoy Wadhwa” under the poster Sphere Origins. The female role of Dhara is an Act by Shiny Doshi. While the male lead role of Gautam Pandya is Act by Kinshuk Mahajan.  

Pandian Store Written Updates With Full Storyline:

This show is the re-create of Actor Vijay’s Tamil serial Pandian Stores. Talking about the beginning date &  time slot of the Pandya Stores serial, it started on 25th January 2021 and put back the Lockdown Ki Love Story serial. The Pandyas are a Somnath-based middle-class family”Pandya Store” their favourite store and sole source of income, is crucial to their everyday lives. Dhara is married to Gautam, the Pandya family’s eldest brother.  

Her young in-law brothers see her as their mother. “Dhara’s” mother-in-law ultimately accepts her after a series of difficulties. The talented actor will be seen essaying the role of Dhaval after the leap. The makers of the show recently dropped the Generation Leap promo, where the character of grown-up Natasha is introduced in the family as someone who will carry forward the legacy of Pandya Store.

 It will be intriguing and interesting to witness the new journey of Natasha and Dhaval. In the latest episode, all the family are going to have ice cream, except Ravi and Shiva in the new car that “Rishita” got as a gift from Sagar (her boss). 

 All are playing songs and enjoying themselves inside the car. Here, in another scenario, Ravi bribes Krish to go out and enjoy as she wants some extra time with Shiva. Due to some reason in the house, water was leaking, and it appeared like rain. Ravi dances on tip-tip barsa song, Shiva stares at her. Later, he insults her where she has hidden the camera. Ravi gets upset and says he can’t see the true emotion inside her.

The car gets into an accident, and Rishita rebukes Dev that he wasn’t driving well and informs her boss about the accident. “Dev and Krish” go to a mechanic to get the car repaired. Later, Rishita taunts Dev that he is covetous of her successful life.

Pandya store latest news:

The stocks in the “Pandya store” are damaged, and customers are not coming to their store. Dhara convinces Gautam that the customer will come again. This series is also available on the Disney Hotstar app and this website Hindidesiserial. The serial will replace the serial love story Lockdown on Star Plus. One of the causes for the serial locked love story’s cancellation could be the series’ declining TRP.