Chookar Mere Mann Ko

A well-known Indian TV series, Chookar Mere Mann Ko, debuted on the DD Indian National channel. This serial’s primary goal is to disseminate social messages to the general population. Rahul Butt is the creator of this series. With their performance, the cast of this serial won over the audience’s hearts. 


Tiya, Alvira, and Pari are three country girls whose stories are told in Chookar Mere Mann Ko series. These girls desired to travel to Mumbai in order to better their lives and find employment. For this reason, they travelled there and took up residence in the home of an elderly couple who had lost their son in an automobile accident. A businessman intended to purchase the property where the couple’s home stood and construct a mail building there. He made them sell the house as a result, but they had many memories of their son there, so they never wanted to sell.


Pari then brought the matter to court and prevailed. What happens next? Stay connected to our website Hindidesiserial to see each episode and have fun.