Jhanak Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, Spoilers, News and Wiki

Jhanak  Reales Date And channel:

The popular Indian love television series Jhanak debuted on Star Plus in November 2023. Because of its original plot and the cast’s outstanding performances, the serial drama garnered a lot of attention. Disney+ Hotstar, an over-the-top platform, also offers this serial. Leena Gangopadyay directed and wrote this serial.

Jhanak Serial Cast With Real Names And Main Roles:

Because of their performances in this serial, the actors of this show received a lot of recognition. This drama has a number of well-known Indian actors and actresses from the Indian theatre scene, including Hina Nawab, who has acted in several shows including Qabol Hai. She is co-starring with Krushal Ahuja. Because of his performance and playing in serials, he was a well-known Indian actor in great demand. 

Written Updates With Full Storyline

The narrative begins with the life of a little child named Jhanak, who was abandoned by her father due to financial difficulties and now lives in a village with her ailing mother. She used the money she made from selling flowers on boats to run the entire home. She never had enough food or study time, even if she wanted to study. She left that village and traveled to Mumbai with her aunt following the death of her mother.

It was there that she began her schooling and developed her passion of becoming a journalist. She put a lot of effort into her work for that reason, and her aunt treated her like her own daughter because they had none. After growing up, she was hired by a media company. When she became twenty-one, her family Despite her desire to celebrate, she broke down in tears and missed her mother. Her friend Ishika then took her to their friend Arshi’s party. She forgot about her mother when she caught up with her college mate here.

Her college buddy Anirudh had been secretly in love with her since their first date, but he had never told her. Grandmother Anirudh liked Jhanak since she was a simple girl. After asking Jhanak about her past and getting to know her, Jhanak began to miss her mother once again and wanted to leave the celebration. Arshi, on the other hand, ignored her when he cut the cake. Anirudh gave her a piece of his cake when she returned and saw she had none. Since Arshi is in love with Anirudh, this makes her envious. Jhanak was not feeling good during that celebration, so she wanted to leave.

Jhanak Upcoming Story Twist

Following her departur from the celebration Arshi interpreted her abrupt departure from the gathering as an insult.You will see in the next chapters how Jhanak found out that her father was in the same city, went in pursuit of him, and eventually found her way to Arshi’s residence. What takes place after that? Keep checking back with us on our website Hindidesiserial to view every episode for free.