Katha Ankahee

Katha Ankahee is a Sony Entertainment Television drama. This drama serial is originally premiered on 5 December 2022. The new cast of this serial are Aditi Sharma, Adnan Khan, Azinkya Mishra.It is based on a Turkish romantic story. The director of this serial is Ravi Bhushan. This serial is also produced by Comall Sunjoy Waddhwa, Sunjoy Waddhwa.The production design by Komal Solanki and the cinematography by Anil Katke.


The role performed by talented actors in the Katha Ankahee Aditi Sharma, Adnan khan, Azinkya Mishra, Samar Vermani, Vishal Gandhi, Jasveen Kaur, Arun Malik, Reeta Prajapati, Rahul Sahu, Veer Bhati, Parminder Singh Kainth, Pallavi Singh, Vinod Johari.


The main role of this serial is given as;
The role of Katha is played by Aditi Sharma who is an Indian actor who also performed in the talent hunting show and participated in many other projects ,films and dramas.Priti Narnaware played the role of Amrita Mehra. She started her career as a child actor. Her beauty and talent attracts everyone.


You can watch this series online on thi web Hindidesiserial. The role of Aarav Singh also played by Azinkya Mishra who is model and actor of indian serials. He is five year old when he played a role in the Hindi entertainment industry