Naagin 7 Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Written Updates

Naagin 7 Realsed Date:

Naagin 7 is all set to surprise the viewers with another fresh storyline and actors. According to the most recent reports, the SCRIPTING for Naagin 7 has begun, and the film is scheduled to be released in March 2024

Naagin 7 Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses):

As per the latest news of Naagin 7, “Priyanka Chahar Choudhary”  is said to play the female lead. However, she recently said that she is on a Television and cannot further comment on it.  

Naagin Season 7 Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The Story of this season of Naagin 7 Seema wants Ritesh to Marry Pratha. She also openly announced that. Urvashi also apologises to Seema and begs her to let them complete her desire because she wants to decide to get Reem married to Rishabh

Pratha’s father happily agrees when Seema begs Pratha’s father. Rishabh also failed in instigating against Pratha. Sarvashresth Naagin lost her power on Mahashivratri. It reveals all the truth. Rishabh enters her room to tell her that Ritesh refuses to marry Riya and he also gets angry when Reem refuses to marry him.

She regains her human form due to Lord Shiva’s Blessing. Partha lehenga catches fire but Rishabh saves her and she still loves him. When the Gujral family performs Aarti, Naagin observes the hands of all family members and also notices “Mr Gujral” in an asur.

He decided to receive the illegal weapon by illegal means and for this purpose, Mr Gujral and the Minister went to the jungle. Mayank comes to Pratha and tells her that Naagin will kill her father-in-law, Mr Gujral. And he also warned her father-in-law about Naagin but he refused to listen to him. 

Saperas also attacked Naagin. She tries to make herself free from them. Rishabh tries to leave but Mayank tells him that Mr Gujral is about to die. He and Pratha come to the main scene and also reveal the truth that that was a Shesha Naagin.

Meheck also lost her temper when Trisha’s body was burnt. Pragati needs Meheck’s poison to create the clone of Mahek and she also knows that Sheesh Nagin is also Killed by only another “Sheesh Naagin”. Swarna brings the poison and also says that she pleads with Pragati to forgive her and after hearing this she replies that she did in order to win the fight. A son can never be angry at his mother, Raghav also informs the Swarna. She is ready to end Meheck’s life this time. 

Pragati also made the Meheck’s clone by pouring the Poison over the stone. Mehek attacks Pragati with her third eye but Pratha along with Prarthna joins hands with Pragati and remains safe and she also uses Naagmani for attack. 

Later, everyone after giving Naagmani put this to express their gratitude to Lord Shiva. Raghav once again puts sindoor on Pragati’s head and Swarna also lets go of her Naagin abilities. Both vanished in the sky when Pragati started her beautiful journey to Mount Kailash with Ragav.

Naagin 7 Latest News:

Viewers may watch this on Colors Tv and online at “Hindidesiserial” In Naagin 7, after “Maha Shesh Naagin Prarthna” another Naagin will take her place gracefully to continue the legacy of Naagin and become the protector of Naag Mani. Naagin 6 has shown a lot of betrayals, twists, and turns and Naagin 7 is going to be more interesting for sure.