Kundali Bhagya Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Latest News and Spoilers

Kundali Bhagya Reales Date :

Kundali Bhagya is a popular love story TV show from India that started on Zee TV on July 12, 2017. This show can also be watched later on Zee5. This TV show’s story was loved by the audience because it was different and the actors did a great job. Abhishek Kumar and Sameer Kulkarni directed this show for Balaji Telefilms Limited, with Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor as the producers.

Kundali Bhagya Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Main Characters

The actors in the show Kundali Bhagya did a great job and their fans really liked them. You can watch many famous actors from the Indian drama industry in this TV show. Shraddha Arya, a popular Indian model and actress, played the main character of Preeta. Dheeraj Dhoopar acted as the male character Karan. You can also see other actors in this show, such as Baseer Ali, Sana Sayyad, Paras Kalnawat, and more.

Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The Kundali Bhagya begins with the lives of two sisters, Preeta and Srishti. They stayed with their dad in a small town. When they were kids, their mom went away. After their dad died, they wanted to find their mom and bring her back into their lives. So, they went to Mumbai to look for her. Preeta was a doctor and she was hired to take care of the Luthra family’s grandmother. The youngest son, Karan, fell in love with her. They kinda like each other and the oldest son of their family, Rishabh, was a businessman just like Preeta. Karan and Preeja liked each other a lot, but they never told each other how they felt. They ended up just being good friends. Rishabh was going to marry Sherlyn, but she was seeing someone else and not being faithful. Karan and Preeja found out about the marriage and tried to stop it and tell the truth about her, but they couldn’t and ended up getting married.

In the present situation,  Rakhi gets passionate seeing Preeta and inquires what happened to her saree and how did it tore, Preeta answers that Mr. Karan Luthra is the one who has torn it, Rakhi seeing Karan calls him and is flabbergasted seeing Preeta her here when Rakhi inquires why did he tear the saree of pretty, Karan questions why is his mother chastening him before Preeta as she would think off-base of him indeed more, preeta answers that are not approximately right or off-base but who is indecent and he is self-important, off-base and she indeed calls him with the same title as she utilised to in their past.

Preeta begins getting flashbacks but isn’t able to form much of it, she all of a suddenly begins getting migraine which Rakhi gets stunned inquiring Preeta what is happening to her but she does not say anything Rakhi hears the hoodlums looking for them o she exhorts Karan to require care of Preeta whereas she will handle the offenders, Rakhi makes them take after her whereas Karan inquires Preeta in the event that she can listen him but at that point when she does not react he takes off with her.

Kundali Bhagya Upcoming Story Twist:

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