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Katha Ankhaee Plot story:

Katha Ankhaee drama is a story of a single parent who faced many problems in her life. Katha needs money to pay the funds of her son’s treatment and she tried to request Viaan but his condition put her in a more difficult situation.

Katha Ankahee Serial Cast:

In the latest episode Katha tries her best to make sure that Aarav does not meet Viaan and tells all about to Paranv and Paranv also discusses what could she do if Aarav tells the truth to “Ruhi and Raghav” sir. She replied he is very smart and he does not do anything to disturb his family by their past.

 Written Updates With Full Storyline

They are very respectable persons and they always deserve happiness and calm and as we know Aarav is attached with Raghav, and “Katha Ankahee” is best for both. Katha a;so helps Aarav but Aarav does not talk with him and does not pass any response to her question but she notices everything,finally she asks her question why he is not talking with her ever since he returned from camp. She remembers her past when she gets emotional on being given a chance by Viaan. Ruhi asks them to perform but he sets his own trends then she pulls him away.

“Vanya” is sitting when Ahsan comes and tells that he does not know what he has eaten but he has acidity and he brings a tablet for him and takes care of him. He said that she asked for a herbal treatment. He understands but he has not tried it before. It is best for his betterment and health. “Vanya” starts smiling to see that both think better for each other but does’t ready to accept. He also advises Viaan to stop remembering his past, ruining his life. While Ahsan tells katha to move on so he needs to move on and pray for him that he should also get a perfect match like her.

Ruhi does not understand when Aarav protects her and he vows to protect her when Ruhi says something bothering her. Katha says to come with her. Yuvraj celebrated the festival without him. Yuvraj said Reet has gone to “Punjab” when Raghav asks a question from him. But he says that he is here because his sister is here. Viaan promised to do everything but he didn’t accept Ahsan asking. Because Ahsan says that he met a girl who was young and beautiful. Viaan said she was Katha but he replied she was not Katha then he suddenly received a call.

Katha Ankahee latest news:

Aarav does not want Viaan to come into Katha’s life so they will forget her and forgive her. Aarav is angry with him but he does not remain in this anger for a longer time. His heart will melt for him one day. He does not understand that Aarav does not want him so he should leave them but he doesn’t. But he believes that he will fall in love with him again.  You can watch tihs online from here Hindidesiserial. This story of Katha is still continued and she faces many ups and downs of life and also faces the problems for her son and Viaan also puts her in an awkward situation.