Imlie Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, Spoilers, News and Gossips

Imlie Serial Castc All Characters With Real Names: 

Maryuri Deshmukh is a television actress. She performed many roles and was also a fabulous actor in her field. She plays the main role of Malni Chaturvedi in this serial.The role of  Meethi is also performed by Kiran Khoje. She plays this role in which she is seen as a village woman who faced many problems in her life.

Imlie plot story: 

Imlie is a romantic drama serial. This is a story about the village belle. She is a very intelligent girl and also faces many ups and downs in life. This is a Hindi-language serial. Nobody knows about their fake marriage. Agastya also tells Imlie about this. She says the truth will be out one day. Annapurna asks for money to go back home if she finds out the truth. Navya feels that Imlie will interfere in her plan. She also asks Vishwa if Imli is doing something wrong. Vishwa also says that her plans will succeed. 

 Imlie Written Updates With Full Storyline:


 Annapurna for attending Shivani’s wedding seeks Imlie to take money to attend this function. On the other hand, Imlie only returned at the request of Rajni and Govind. Agastya says in opposite to, he says that she didn’t come after he requested her but after transferring money into her account. She says he is lying and also says that it’s not right to drag his parents into this.

Annapurna still continues to cuss Imlie and asks to stop Shivani’s wedding. She asks him to take Imlie away from her sight and Agastya drags away Imlie from there. Sonali reaches Amrit’s house and knocks on the door, she also knows that he is inside the house. She called him but he didn’t pick the call. Finally, she breaks the window and walks away from there. She is also seen dragging Chandu’s dead body and hiding it behind the sofa, she is also seen as that mysterious murderer. She passes by him but she doesn’t notice him.

Agastya takes Imlie and insists that Annapurna is right and also supports Annapurna saying that she is bad blood and greedy. Imlie asks him to leave the room and also mind his tongue. While he says he made a fake marriage contract with her. He also says that he will sell her house and get her family on the road

She stood crying and she was very sad. The family is shocked after hearing that Amrit forced Imlie  to sing at a bar and burnt their shop. Sonali returns home calls her family and asks them if Imlie revealed the truth to them. Sonali thinks that she will forgive him if she protects Agastya and Annapurna says that is why Amrit forcefully took them to the bar. 

Annapurna asks Agastya if he can help her to return home and he also shows his bank account and finds money still in his bank account and he also feels guilty and also tries to speak Imlie. 

Imlie Serial Gossip:

This amazing story is still to be continued with interesting twists on Star Plus in India and online on Hindidesiserial everywhere in the Warld. Annapurna also feels upset for own behaviour. And then tries to help Imlie. Vishwa tells Navya that everything is going to the proper plane. Chaudhry shouldn’t know that they are buying another house and they will destroy Chaudhry completely by proper planning and will prove the fire accident at his shop happened due to faulty wiring. The case will run for a long time and he will also get cancelled also.