Chand Jalne Laga Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, and Twist

Chand Jalne Laga And Realse Date :

Chand Jalne Laga is an Indian Teve serial  romantic drama that premiered on 23 October 2023 on Colors TV it is produced by “Siddharth Kumar Tewary”  and “Gayatri Gil Tewary” under Swastik Pictures,

Chand Jalne Laga Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses):

 The Story revolves around Deva, a poor boy Tara’s best friend throughout their early years. However, Deva misinterprets Tara’s lack of support for him, leading to his imprisonment due to a significant misunderstanding. Deva, a prosperous businessman, returns after a long absence and inherits Tara’s family home. As Tara works for Deva and he wants to get revenge on her, the roles are reversed.

Chand Jalne Laga Written Updates With Full Storyline

In the last episode of “Chand Jalne Laga“. Palash continued to stare at Tara. Dev is impressed by Tara’s dancing style. He requested that Tara discuss the album from the storage area. She was told to do it, but she refused. She saw that the door was stuck. He opened it for her. The sight of the wall fissures alarmed her. There in the store room, Tara passed out.

The roof began to collapse. Dev runs over to protect her from damage. He made her do it, and she glared at him for it. He was clutching her dupatta, but she didn’t realize that. Palash chastises Ananya later on for dancing with her pals. In private, Palash observes Tara getting dressed. Palash said that Dev was a pervert. Tara misinterpreted Dev and accused him.

In the end, we see, that Tara is going to be assaulted, which puts her in serious difficulty. But Deva gave her strength, asking her to stand up for herself and defend herself. Tara followed suit and achieved her own freedom, with Deva’s assistance.

In the next episodes, Tara meets Deva, who is upset over all the lies. Tara brings Deva some ointment for her wound, but he tells her to take the medicine nevertheless. She acts as though she cares about him, and this infuriates him. Tara tells Deva that she misunderstood him and asks her to tend to the wound. But instead of using the ointment, Deva reacts angrily.

Chand Jalne Laga future story:

This is available on Colors TV in India and online Hindidesiserial around the world. Viewers will see that Tara will be admiring the flame in the forthcoming episode without realizing the river. To save her, Dev will put his life in danger. Palash told Tara that when he married Ananya, his Haveli became his, and she would be astonished later. Tara can become him, too, as she is a member of his family. He’ll make an effort to misbehave with her. Dev notices something and comes to her. This story arc will have more exciting episodes.