Anupama Serial Cast, Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Written Updates

Anupama Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses):

Nidhi Shah is an Indian television actress who also performs the role of Kinjal Dave Shah in Anupama. The Main role of Samar Shah in Anupama is played by Paras Kalnawat who is an actor and model of India. One of the Indian film and television actors who play the role of Kavya Shah is Madalsa Sharma who is a 32-year-old pretty one in this serial. One of the Indian actors who plays the role of Inspector Kavin in CID, and Akshay in Tere Bin, and he plays the role of Anuj Kapadia in Star Plus’s Anupama. Alpana Buch is also seen in Anupama and she is also part of other shows.

Anupama Plot story:

Anupama is an amazing serial on Star Plus TV. In the recent episode, Baa was sick and she was suffering from heart disease which is so dangerous for Baa in this situation Kinjal returned back from the Airport only for Baa. As we know Anupama’s life is full of challenges and many difficulties and struggles. She protects Dimpy and Tapish also makes Dimpy’s life so beautiful and happy. He is such a nice person for Dimpy because he makes her feel happy and diligent.

Anupama Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The Aunpama drama winning the hearts of all audiences because all the performing actors are so intelligent and this serial is also winning the hearts and minds of true fans. The critical condition of Baa also creates problems for Anupama because Baa is facing problems of high blood pressure. The responsibility for this condition of Baa is Dimple’s words.

All of Baa conditions are just dramas. She started this drama again when she saw Dimpy with Tapish and she didn’t like Dimpy. Both fight very badly and both become quiet. All that situation takes place before Baa heart disease. Anupama takes care of Baa along with her family.

For better career achievements she decided to go to Landon with Toshu. But after Baa’s condition, she was helpless and returned home from the Airport. Dimpy blamed Baa for her curse and Baa does’t like her closeness with Tapish. Anupama supports Dimpy for her happiness and better future but Baa is against her and she also lost her happiness in some incidents but Anupama holds her in this condition. She gives her new hope to enjoy her life to the fullest while Baa and Pakhi try to disrespect her. The situation is going to be worse. Anupama tries to handle this worse situation. Vanraj is also in a bad mental condition after Samar’s. His family supports his better medical and emotional needs. But he doesn’t overcome his grief. He decided to join a rehab center.

This drama also revolves around Anupama. Anupama solves all the problems of the family. She also joins a new family and struggles for her family to fulfill their needs. She also solves all matter how much worse it is. Vanraj lost his confidence. Kavya was pregnant but she also took care of Vanraj in this condition. Vanraj’s family needs his support. He also fights with his depression and tries to overcome his grief. He also tries to move on. He wants to stand on Anupama’s side because she faces problems in her marriage due to Malti Devi.

Anupama’s serial’s upcoming story twist:

This story is still to be continued on Hindidesiserial with many interesting twists and also Anupama faces many ups and downs of her life. She is struggling for her family and Vanraj also wants to support her in her phase of difficulties. But she is very strong at handling and managing her family, and also intelligent to solve any worse situation.